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Craft, customize, and share your dream drinks with Bobaz's innovative app and website Design

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About The Project

The Client

The client for Bobaz is a forward-thinking company or individual who envisioned a platform where users can unleash their creativity and design their custom drinks effortlessly.


The challenge faced during the designing of Bobaz was to create a user-friendly and engaging platform that allowed users to customize their drinks seamlessly while incorporating an interactive animation to enhance the user experience. Additionally, the platform needed to enable users to share their custom drink creations and receive feedback from others effectively.


United States


Food & Beverages


1 Months

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Our Solution

To address the challenge, we designed Bobaz with a user-centric approach. We created an intuitive interface that guides users through the drink customization process step-by-step. The interactive animation was integrated to show the drink being prepared in real-time as users selected their preferred options.

Explore Work

Witness the seamless harmony of creativity and functionality as you browse through a stunning collection of custom drink designs.

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UI/UX Design of the platform

The user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design of Bobaz are centered around simplicity and ease of use. The UI is visually appealing, featuring intuitive navigation and clear categories for drink types, toppings, sweetness levels, and ice options. The UX is crafted to provide a seamless and enjoyable drink customization process, accompanied by the captivating animation.

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The Process of Bobaz Product Design

UI design
Design Integrations
API Development
Quality Assurance

Mobile Version

Experience the magic of Bobaz on the go with our mobile version. Design and enjoy your custom drinks from the convenience of your smartphone, wherever you are.

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Explore Best Juices
All Around The World

Discover a world of custom drink options tailored to your liking, from flavors and toppings to sweetness levels. Experience the art of personalized beverages with Bobaz today.

Visual Style

Bobaz is modern and vibrant, with a focus on colorful illustrations and animations. The overall design exudes a sense of fun and creativity, aligning with the concept of custom drink creation. The color scheme is eye-catching and user-friendly, enhancing the overall user experience.

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